Humans have been using plants for food and therapeutic remedies for as long as we have been on this planet. A few examples of where plants have provided public health and medical benefits include:

  1. Taxol which is used to treat several forms of cancer and is derived from the Pacific yew tree.
  2. Extraction of Pyrethrum from Chrysanthemum flowers to produce botanical pesticides that reduce disease-transmitting insects.
  3. Betulinic acid from the common birch tree used to treat cancer.
  4. L-Dopa which is extracted from several species of Mucuna plants used for Parkinson’s treatment.
  5. Quinine extracted from the Cinchona ledgeriana (quinine tree) which is used as an anti-Malaria treatment.

These are just a few examples of where plants have helped us live a better life.

Because the potential for Cannabis to help humanity is so real, we will continue to push for increased scientific research related to Cannabis and for product development validating this potential source of healing.

As the research continues to develop from its nascent state, MNfuse is here to help you formulate and perfect your infused product to help provide therapeutic healing for those in need.

MNfuse also recognizes that the recreational edible user is expecting a product that provides the quality, consistency, and experience that one can count on when purchasing other legal intoxicants. We want to help you ensure that the recreational user who purchases your product and follows the dosing instructions will have the desired positive experience with your infused product. As a manufacturer for the recreational market, you have to strive to achieve a consistent, high quality product that recreational users can count on.

MNfuse does not work with cannabis ingredients in Minnesota. MNfuse works with licensed brand owners and manufacturers in states where medical and adult-use cannabis is permitted under state laws. Learn more