Ilan’s curiosity in the kitchen started at a young age. Even before he could tie his shoes, Ilan would insist on helping Mom with the cooking. Lea (Ilan’s Mom) is well-versed in the Old World style of cooking, influenced by Eastern European tradition and culture. In the Old World, a run to the store was unheard of and Costco or convenience stores did not exist. In this milieu, chefs had to make the most of whatever ingredients were available to them. Recipes were simple, which meant that preparation techniques, product quality, and exacting attention to detail were essential to feeding a family a well-received meal.

Ilan’s passion for Old World cooking, learned from his mother after having been passed down through generations, coupled with his interest in chemistry and food processing, led him to a successful career as a private sector food scientist.  Ilan has vast domestic and international experience in the food industry, having worked for an international ingredient supplier overseas, an aseptic processing equipment company, and a CPG food company.

These diverse work experiences from academic training to real world applications have provided him with the insight and acumen to solve a wide variety of technical food science challenges. All client issues are approached in an efficient, cost-effective manner, while ensuring the commitments to the highest standard of quality and thoroughness that are the hallmark of professional work, are the standard at MNfuse.

Inside and outside the kitchen, Ilan is a man of diverse tastes and interests. You can find him in the woods in the morning, and later on dancing to house beats that night. He likes to spend time with his wife and kitties, travel, follow sports, make kombucha, smoke meats, camp, and bike. He’s also a highly sociable guy – so if you see him around, don’t hesitate to say ‘hey’!